Become a Pioneer of Hope for a farmer and make a return.

CropCrowd allows anyone to participate in ground-breaking crowdfarming ventures without the usual high barriers to entry that exist in this space. Impacting the lives of farmers in a postive way while you grow your money and make returns.

Our Mission.

To empower small-scale farmers in growing, prospering and benefiting their communities. We do this by connecting forward-thinking farm sponsors and real farming communities with the goal of improving production, increasing yields and ultimately building and sharing profitability.

About Us

CropCrowd is an impact farming platform which uses secure peer to peer lending to connect sophisticated, philanthropic investors with farmers in East Africa.

Built on a completely secure platform using Blockchain technology and a cashless process, your investment will not only empower and protect small-scale farmers in East Africa, but will also enable them to make significant extra income and at the same time make a 20% annual returns on your investment at least twice per year, of which a small percentage you may choose to donate back directly to our co-operative members.

There are 51 million farmers in Africa waiting for investment and security.  This isn’t a charity where a single figure percentage of your donation reaches its intended cause.  Your entire secure peer to peer loan goes directly to the farmers. Together we can change the way farmers in East Africa live and work.

Why Agriculture?

Africa’s agricultural industry is huge and currently valued at U.S.

$313 billion

Africa’s agricultural and agribusiness markets are set to top U.S.

$1 trillion

(USD) in 2030

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation has estimated that if women were given the same access to productive resources as men they could increase the yields on their farms by 20-30% which would in turn reduce the number of hungry people in the world by around 13-17%

Agriculture employs


of Africa’s population


makes up Africas total GDP.

Less than 1% of bank lending in Africa goes to agriculture. In absence of accurate and cost-effective methods for assessing small-scale agricultural lending risk, financial institutions choose not to lend to smallholder farmers, thereby contributing to the...

$450 billion

global agriculture financing gap.

How CropCrowd Works

Step 1

Choose farm to invest in

Here’s how you can become an impact maker and be part of the mission to improve our farmers’ lives.

Step 2

Farm successfully funded

Sign-up and register to be able to view and invest in the selection of farms curated for this cycle.

Step 3

Empower farmers and
improve productivity

Funds and resources will then be utilized to improve production. We  manage the funds for the farmer making sure it is used in the right way ensuring you get a good return on your investment.

Step 4

Fruits of your investment

After the harvest and once the produce has been sold, the capital will return to the investor’s wallet together with the profit shared.

Step 5

Transparency & Security

All documentation for your investment is through a smart contract (secured via blockchain). The contract is fully transparent to investors outlining returns, timeframes, use of funds, and other key elements.

All parties have online access to this contract. Funds/Returns will be deposited directly into investor wallet (in £/€/$) and can be transferred to any bank account worldwide or reinvested in other CropCrowd projects.


Farm Locations
Nairobi, Kenya | Kampala, Uganda

Fund these farms and make a 20% return over a 12 month period.

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CropCrowd Team

Jamie WJ Magambo
Founder & CEO

Founder Jamie has been focussed on entrepreneurship from an early age. An advocate for social change, he is always one idea ahead of the rest. Experienced in working for some of the most prominent brands in the UK from  to high-end fashion online retailers such and, Jamie is now bringing his passion and drive to CropCrowd, which draws on all of his experiences and background.

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Jack Barton
Founder & Executive Chairman

Start-up focussed entrepreneur. Operations specialist. Interested in technology that brings the world closer together in a safer way. A serial investor in a wide range of companies from pop groups to festival organizers to recruitment technology to Agritech.

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Sean Salloux
Chief Operations Officer

Sean has over 20+ years in mobile, crypto, banking security, amongst other sectors, and was part of creating the first e-wallet on a credit card (back in 1999!) for Gemalto, MasterCard, Korean and Japanese banks. He was employee #1 for Gemalto’s $700M corporate VC arm, the largest in Europe at the time, and invested in and acquired companies in the crypto/mobile/e-wallets/mobile and security space in US, EU, and Asia.  Has advised 2 unicorns when they were  such as  (Vungle & WorldRemit). Recently, has been working with companies in FinTech, space including Baanx to develop the World’s 1st Crypto-Financial Services Network.

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